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What type of payments are accepted?

Rentlipa currently supports MPESA, KCB Bank, COOP Bank, NCBA Bank and Equity Bank payments. More Providers coming soon.

How will tenants pay their rent?

Every tenant registered on your property will be able to pay their rent using the Property Owner / Agency Paybill number and using their Tenant Account Number as the Paybill Account Number.

Tenants can also pay their rent via Rentlipa MPESA Paybill or deposit money to Rentlipa Bank accounts and it will be updated automatically. All invoices sent to tenants contains steps on how to pay their rent.

How long does the payment transaction take?

All payments submitted to Rentlipa Paybill are processed between 2-5 minutes and deposited into your property’s account immediately. If the payment is successful, tenants will receive acknowledgement SMS/Email and the landlord/agency will also receive a notification message.

How can we split rent as roommates?

All Rentlipa invoices allow partial invoice payments. You can split payments and any amount received will be applied to the invoice immediately.

Can tenants create a maintainance issue?

Yes! Once a tenant creates an issue, the property managers are notified and they can communicate with the tenant to resolve the issue.

How do my tenants view their payment history?

1. Login to your Rentlipa account and click on the Payments option on the left sidemenu.
2. Ta-da, it really is that simple!

Can tenants download payment receipts?

Yes! Tenants can download digitally signed payment receipts as PDF document.

How are tenant invoices generated?

Tenant invoices are auto-generated on every first day of the month at 00:00 hrs GMT+3 and sent to Tenant emails and a link to their invoice sent via SMS.

How are late fees applied?

If you set your invoices to auto-apply late fees on invoice overdue, a late fee of the set percentage will be applied immediately an invoice is overdue. A notification will be sent to the tenant to pay the invoice before the late fee is applied. Once a late fee is applied the tenant will also be notified via SMS.

How do i get help?

Incase you need help and can't find help in the documentation please email us [email protected]